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8 ways to stand out on social media in 2018



You know how many people practically live on Instagram, right? Maybe you're one of them.

To stand out on social media in 2018, it’s all about following the golden rules - building a trusted community that:

  • know who you are
  • like who you are
  • love what your business is about.  

Here's some stand-out tips to attract more followers to your tribe in 2018:

1. Consider your visual marketing strategy

The growth of Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat means that beautiful photos are likely to get more engagement. Have you developed your brand moodboard, and made your brand beautiful?

2. Hire a photographer

It doesn’t have to be anyone expensive; just someone to record moments of your day. They can follow you around with a camera and record or snap some of the most interesting moments (unboxing new products, having a business meeting, speaking at a corporate event). Just don’t allow them to become your Instagram Husband…

    3. Document your unusual experiences

Did you go for a flotation tank session after work? Meet a business contact who knows someone famous? Had a funny moment on public transport? Whatever the story, by sharing something unusual, it not only connects you to your audience but provides an interesting story. The more humorous the better!

    4. Relate

On social media, it pays to share your innermost thoughts and opinions on something when posting a photo. This works well on Instagram stories or Snapchat as you can write your text over the top. For example (‘I’m loving that ladies boots. Wonder if we can sell them online?') It helps build a connection as it gives your audience an insight into the way you think. Here’s some of the most hilarious snapchat stories from Bored Panda.

   5. Follow hashtags

Now you can follow hashtags on Instagram, it’s worth compiling 15-20 hashtags relevant to your brand that you’d like to follow. Comment on their media and start a conversation. For example, I follow #remotework #digitalnomad and #nomadlife on Instagram.

 6. Be positive, but realistic

Everyone likes to get a little boost in their day by reading a positive story or seeing a picture of something uplifting. Don’t make your imagery TOO perfect though, as you may be at risk of being inauthentic. Emma Stone made a very valid remark about the ‘facade’ of social media, and how we need to keep that in mind.

7. Give knowledge

Always give more than you receive when promoting your business online. It's a really great idea to share some knowledge and added value, so that the person sees you as someone who is genuinely trying to help them. I love how Boho Utopia share their positive ethos and knowledge with customers on Instagram.

8. Utilise themes or content pillars

Content themes or 'pillars' as they are also known, are related to the themes behind your business, and are useful when deciding what to post. For example:

Educational, Behind the Scenes, User Generated, Influencer Takeover could be a few different ways you categorise your content. Here’s an example of a great Behind The Scenes post from WeWork.


Whether you're just starting out or have had channels for a while,  there's always more we could be doing on social media.

It can be all consuming. So always remember to pause, and breathe.




Have these tips helped you in your business? What's the best engagement you've ever had on social media? Share your stories below!
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