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Freedom is our basic nature


We all want to be free. Free to express ourselves, free to be ourselves, free to love fearlessly, and freedom to make our own decisions.

So many of us don’t feel free, for whatever reason. We feel trapped in a job, or in a relationship, or even within the prison of our own emotions - trapped within the confines of feeling down on ourselves or lacking in something, whatever that might be.

However, the well known dance song states, everybody’s free to feel good.

So many of us place our freedom on something external to us, but in truth freedom is a decision. It is a matter of consciousness, a way of thinking, or rather, a state of being.

What I mean is that we are all free in every moment, to choose to enjoy our life, and our state of being. 

The only reason we may be unhappy is because we do not believe, that we are 100% responsible for our freedom, and that the enjoyment of life depends solely on our inner state of being.

Happiness is about feeling free on the inside. It is about a beautiful, non-attached, joyous embracing of whatever is in your present experience, right now.

It is not about the past, or the future- it is not about living in your mind.

In fact, living in your mind creates more problems than it solves.

Freedom is about the full and total conscious awareness of this moment, this experience right now, and enjoying the sensations of being in this moment, this moment in time and space, that will never ever happen again.

When you start to look at life in this way you realise that time is a construct that humans have designed that fundamentally limits our happiness. By using our minds to project ourselves backwards into the past, or forwards towards the future towards some memory or some imagined future experience, we block all happiness that is available to us right now.

And we block our feelings of freedom.

In order to become free, in order to release unhappiness and step into a happier way of living, you must come out of your mind and into your heart.

The heart doesn’t measure. The heart doesn’t over-analyse. The heart just beats. It just is.

Excerpt from upcoming book, The Magic Ingredient

My current book is Freedom Seekers