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With the right words, a spark ignites in the reader.

Great copy is not just about getting your audience to buy from you. It’s about connecting - making them smile, be filled with intrigue, or feel hopeful.

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Whether you share a funny anecdote about the time you slipped over in front of your crush, how the last book you read made you fizz with delight, or why the latest productivity hack is saving you SO much time in the mornings, stories are the way we make words sing.

Whether you’re selling business to business, or business to consumer, I can help you craft copy that lights a spark in your reader.

Need help with writing emails, articles, landing pages, social media copy, lead magnets or explaining who you are? I offer all types of copy services.



“Working with Kerry was an absolute pleasure. She is an experienced writer and she was able to give words the voice, tone, and character that represent my personal brand. The communication and the entire process was also easy and quick. I'm looking forward to working with her again and I highly recommend her.”

- Claudia Canu, Health Motivator and Coach

The most precious gift we can give anyone is our attention
— - Thich Nat Hahn

“I can recommend her as a communications professional with a great deal of invaluable enthusiasm and experience”
— - Stella Bolam, (UK's largest health website)

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