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Remote working: building a location independent career

Would you like to be location independent and work from somewhere like this?

Would you like to be location independent and work from somewhere like this?

Working remotely is essentially having a full time job, but instead of being at an office, you can work from anywhere. This gives you the security of a regular salary, but without the commute.

There are remote work job sites springing up all the time; social media is a good place to find the latest jobs (do a keyword search in the search bar of Facebook or Twitter), but here’s a list of 20 helpful websites to get you started.

  1. We Work Remotely (

  2. (

  3. Working Nomads (

  4. Remoters (

  5. The Gig Economist (

  6. Problogger (

  7. Skip the Drive (

  8. Flexjobs (

  9. AngelList (

  10. Remote Work Hub (

  11. Escape the City (

  12. Jobpresso (

  13. (

  14. No Desk. co (

  15. Work in Startups (

  16. Power to Fly (

  17. (

  18. Remotive (

  19. Outsourcely (

  20. The Muse (


Freelancing Sites

On a freelance site, you can offer your skills and get paid - it’s as simple as that.

Whether you’re a writer, a coder, a graphic designer, an accountant or a teacher - there’s a whole host of sites out there to pay you.

It’s not easy though. Don’t expect to apply for a few and expect the money to come rolling in instantly. It takes work. But if you’re committed,  here’s a few sites to get you started:

  1. Upwork (

  2. Fiverr (

  3. People Per Hour (

  4. Cloud Peeps (

  5. Freelancer (

  6. Flexjobs (

  7. Hubstaff (

  8. Guru (

  9. Craigslist (

  10. Contently (


Content Creating

If you love being in front of a camera, making videos, then becoming a content creator may be the right step for you.

Content creation can be anything, from creating videos, to books, to podcasts. It takes work though, because to build a following in content, you need to be creating on a consistent basis.

If Youtube or Podcasting is your thing, Patreon ( is a great place to get sponsored. Patreon is essentially a crowdfunding site, whereby people will sponsor you to generate content.

If you have just a 1,000 paying members, you can be well on your way to funding a lifestyle as a content creator.


Product creation

Sites such as Kickstarter (, Crowdfunder (, and IndieGogo ( can help you crowdfund a product such as a book, an app, or a new business idea. You can create a product page, set a target for fundraising, and then spread the word far and wide!

The key here is not just to build a great product. It’s to build something that is unique enough and has a certain demand, even if that demand is just 1,000 people. There are a huge amount of books, apps and products out there - how will you make yours stand out from the crowd?

Etsy (, Amazon (  or  Ebay ( are great ways to sell products online.


Excerpt from new book on remote work and lifestyle design,  Freedom Seekers