Want a remote job? 10 Facebook groups to join to find remote work fast


'Where there is a will, there is a way.'

Let this be your motto for finding remote work. Even if you feel like the chances of finding remote work quickly are slim, don't let that be your mindset. Think abundance and you will find it!

Facebook groups are a great place to find a remote job for the following reasons:

- People spend a lot of time on Facebook

- People are very responsive

- It's a good way to put a face to a name, unlike a CV or resume.

When I first started looking for remote work, I joined all the digital nomad/remote work/telecommute Facebook groups I could find.  Here's a few (some are gender specific, sorry!):

1. Remote Work and Digital Nomads: 51,618 members

2.  Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities: 26,714 members

3. Digital Nomad Girls Community: 17,165 members

4. Freelance and Telecommute Job Leads 1, 722 members

5. Female Digital Nomads: 34, 558 members

6. Remote Jobs and Coworking for Digital Nomads: 1,691 members

7.  Remote Jobs: 9,472 members

8.  Let's work remotely: remote jobs and digital nomad jobs: 19,723 members

9. Remote Work Hub: 5,262 members

10. Remote Work and Travel: 4,879 members

stats are correct as of August 2018

You have to be quick off the mark when applying, but scan these groups on a daily or weekly basis, and you'll soon find something that's right for you. Your dream job may feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but it is out there!

I'd love to know how social media has worked for you when creating your ideal work life.

If you'd like more specific advice in leaving your office job to become location independent, you can schedule a chat with me.

And if you'd like more resources, including a list of Youtube channels and inspiring books, check out Freedom Seekers.



Direct Response Copy: saying more with less

Photo by wundervisuals/iStock / Getty Images

You want attention, don't you?

That's what we all want for our businesses. We are all vying for eyeballs on our brand.

But you want more than that; you want ACTION.

Seeing is one thing; clicking is another.

In order to create copy that converts, and generates those all-important sales, sometimes less is more. In fact, sometimes we only have as little as 30 or 80 characters to make an impression, as with Google Adwords copy.

How do you write an effective piece of short copy that will attract the attention of your target audience?

Before you start, it's important that:

  • you've mapped out your audience personas
  • you know which persona this ad is targeting
  • you have done your keyword research for that customer
  • you have a relevant list of search terms. 

In direct response copywriting, your keyword list is blended with the emotional painpoints of your persona. 


For this example, Let's say we're selling an eco-friendly copper drinking bottle, and we're writing a Google Adwords ad.

The customer is interested in going plastic-free, and they are also potentially interested in the health benefits claimed. They want a better solution rather than buying plastic bottles to take to work or the gym, for example, and are concerned about the effects of BPA.

The keywords we may want to use are variations and a mixture of: 'plastic-free bottles', 'water bottles', 'copper bottles', 'plastic drinking bottle', 'eco-friendly', 'sustainable'.


  • We start the ad with:

The 'hook': Posing a question, or answering a question that directly relates to what the customer is needing.

Looking for an alternative to your plastic drinking bottle?

Beautiful eco-friendly copper water bottle


  • Then, we provide the second headline, or 'tagline':

Tagline: Here you would support your headline/hook, and include the painpoint if you haven't already:

Copper is sustainable and stylish

Plastic-free with health benefits


  •  Next you'd provide a brief description of your product:

Description: This is designed to get the audience's attention and make them intrigued to find out more. This isn't the place to list all of it's features and benefits.

Handcrafted designs inspired by nature, available in 500-900ml.

Minimalistic and stylish bottles, based on Ayurvedic principles.


  • CTA: Finally, you need to end on a great call-to-action, that encourages that all important link click!

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That's two variations of the ad, which would look something like this:


Looking for an alternative to your plastic drinking bottle?

Copper is sustainable and stylish

Handcrafted designs inspired by nature, available in 500-900ml.

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Beautiful eco-friendly copper water bottle

Plastic-free with health benefits

Minimalistic and stylish bottles, based on Ayurvedic principles.

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