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The Conscious Work Revolution

If there's one thing I love, it's finding conscious businesses, and connecting with them.

Every week, I seem to find more and more people that inspire me, and are a living example of a new way of being (Twitter is especially good for this).

These people have decided to shake off the stereotypes and norms of society, define their own rules, and have built a business or a vision based on connectedness and authenticity.

That's why I strongly feel in my heart there is a conscious revolution occurring, and it gets me very excited.

I was in the bank earlier and was talking to the assistant about my career and life plans, and she asked about my intentions. I told her things are changing because 'I'm sick of the 9-5', and I was met with a pained, stretched smile of sympathy. I looked into her eyes - I knew she felt the same way. I know many of us that do.

Some people decide to let go of their fears and do something that breaks from convention, that breaks from the norm. They have stepped through their fear, and what they are creating is nothing short of amazing. These businesses and people are all inspirational in their own right; but take them as a collective, and you'll notice there's a powerful revolution occurring.

Here's just a few of those I've discovered recently:

Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non Conformity

Delve TV: thought provoking video essays

DO books: Smart Working, Slow Living

Morning Gloryville, Conscious Clubbing

The Boogie, revolution on the dancefloor

Hubud - The birth of the digital nomad

Marianne Cantwell , Free Range Humans

John Williams, Screw Work Let's Play

Escape the City



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