Hello! I'm Kerry.

A bit about me...

After many years working in the corporate marketing world, I felt de-motivated. Even though I was using my skills, I didn't connect with the big picture  - I didn't just want to improve the margin of someone's company, I wanted to make a real difference in the world.

So I decided to leave the international brands behind and work with those who are improving  wellbeing, and making a difference in society and the community. I'm loving it, and have met some truly inspirational people!

I've had over seven years experience in content marketing, and have produced content for organisations such as The Co-operative Group, Manchester Business School, and Legal and General. 

I hold a Digital Marketing qualification from econsultancy, and am SEO and social media trained.

I've had my writing published by The Female Entrepreneur Association, and have written content for Inventshift, Ticketbooth and Trip101.

After gaining a first class honours in Communication Studies, I went on to complete a PG Cert Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University. I subsequently set up my own online Wordpress magazine into wellbeing research and mindset, Whole Science.

I'm a passionate traveller, and there's nothing I adore more than seeing the world and meeting interesting people. After visiting Ubud in Bali in 2016, I became excited at the prospect of location independent working, and have organised Digital Nomads meetups in my area. I love working remotely, and I believe it's the new way of working. I use tools such as Harvest to track my time, and use Slack, Google Hangouts and Skype to conduct meetings if we can't do face to face.

Look forward to meeting you.